Relaying To You My “Holistic Heart”

337d66acce3bb83ef9848231f043aa67My First Wellness Coach Blog Post… EVER! Here is where I will start, and do my best to relay to you how much love I have for what I do…To share my journey forward from hereas well as doing my best to tie my past in with my present and future as we begin to be in touch with each others deepest and most inner most being as I believe all trust and loyalties are only superficial if they only run one way. I may Ībe your coach in  in your journey, but this by no means is a reason for us not to build a bond bridged with trust, positivity and an understanding of what the journey is before us…. So now… we begin…  


As I have been studying and gaining more certification in relation to my profession as a Wellness Coach, Holistic Nutrition Practitioner and Personal Fitness Trainer (my main titles although I continually thirst and strive to obtain as much knowledge as I can. This is not only for my own self confidence in how I treat and prescribe therapy to my clients knowing that I am providing them with the newest integrated medicine treatments, breakthroughs and my massive research into alternative and holistic cures, symptom treatments, relaxation techniques to combine by my own human nature that compels me to treat people with the deepest compassion and understanding, holding no judgment but only speaking and thinking that is both analytical yet from the heart. This is what has inspired me to start a blog and sharing my ideas, thoughts, theories, discoveries and experiences, as well as the stories of my clients both fabulously successful as long with the struggles that each of them face. All identities are kept confidential as this is a super high priority to me to keep the loyalty and trust that everyone of my clients, present AND WITH OUT NOT A QUESTIONABLE DOUBT, THAT OF MY FUTURE CLIENTS do and will have in me.

All of my life I have been people, saving people. correcting people, managing people, loving people, and even having people. LOL… Yes, I have three son’s, have been a single Mom for many years, and have taken care of my boys on my one in one way or another. My whole life I searched for my niche, not that being a Mom wasn’t fulfilling, because it has been. Being a hard worker (been working since 8:00 am this morning)  and always looking to excel or stand out from the rest put a lot of stress on me for most of my adult life (I am now 46 years young 😉   ). To tell you the truth,  how hard I worked, how much money I made or what accomplishments I had made, I never felt that I was happy with my achievements or myself for any of them. Untill a stage of my life came when I was losing the ones I loved almost yearly from cancer. It was so hard and such a hopeless feeling that I could not help them, except to cross to the other side, which I did with them all. At the time it felt like a curse, but now knowing what I know through my journeys in the past decade and the studies I have explored having to do with alternative cures and holistic therapies, in particularly Nutritional Therapy, I now know that every moment of my life was part and IS part of a bigger plan. Due to the severity of that “C” word and how terrifying it is for most, just to hear it, gave me the strength to delve head first into the world of integrated health. What I have learned through my years are almost incomprehensible to most. The studying has been rigorous, exhausting, and sometimes overwhelming. Yet somehow, I keep thirsting for more! With the more I learn the more I find myself seeking people out to help them. My journey in life (which has been a difficult and at times heartbreaking one, but that is for another time) has brought me to here, to this day, to this hour, to this moment to this blog, and ironically to you. Nothing in life is by mistake nor coincidence I believe… this is my first blog and the first introduction to you, whom I hope you can take away knowledge and from you I hope to gain as much as I can and will share…. To me, this is my career, sure, it’s work… but it is my calling, my journey, my destiny…AND as fate is showing to have it, it may be a part of yours as well…. To share my happiness and the peace I possess in the work that I do in helping people to realize the vision of the life that they believe they may want and that there is a difference between an idealistic life and a realistic life. The very essence of the bodies highest state is reflected in the nutrition and environmental conditions as well as fitness, stress and spiritual tranquility (there I NO religion to this, but as we go along I will touch o my beliefs from both a scientific and from a spiritual aspect, which YES! there are room for both ….) which requires balancing ,


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